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*Inquiry forms submitted without research fee will not be honored*

Research fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Your research fee payment includes:

  • Personalized Travel Package Quote

(all-inclusive vacations will include stay, flight and airport transportation)

  • Managing Payments + Payment Plan Arrangements

  • Itinerary Planning

  • Our Time In Planning, Researching, Negotiating, and Booking Travel Arrangements

  • Constant Communication Regarding Trip Details and COVID Updates

  • Entry/Exit Requirements

  • Delivery of Trip Documents

Groups that are larger than 30, please contact your travel agent directly for Special pricing by using chat feature or call/text directly at 484-297-9923.

Please add to cart "per 2 pair" 

For example: Research request for 6 (There are 3 pairs in 6)

you will need to add to cart 3x to make a total of $75 

(3 x $25= $75)

*Round up if you have an odd number of travelers*

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