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Frequently Asked Questions

Never booked with a Travel agent before and want to know how we can help?
Check out these FAQ's below to answer some of your questions.


Are Travel Agents Worth It?

Yes, Travel Agents Are Worth It When the subject of travel agents comes up, there’s an inevitable follow-up: Are they worth it? We say, “Yes!” 


Why? There are so many variables involved with travel: How to score great deals, find the perfect destination, upgrade amenities, and prepare for any unforeseeable issues. Who wouldn’t want someone in their corner through it all? Let’s go through three ways travel agents are worth it What happens when something goes awry, though? Your flight gets canceled, a reservation slips through the cracks, you room isn’t available because the hotel overbooked your reserved room or weather impacts your itinerary? Don’t worry. Your travel agent has your back. Your loyal agent will drop everything to make sure you’re taken care of. They want you to have a positive travel experience so when it comes time for you to hit the road again, you’ll give them another call.


What is a Travel Agent ?

Travel agent handles flights, potential upgrades, and packaged amenities. They provide guidance at every step of the process, from pre-booking, to your return. We advise clients on everything from transportation to food to tours, and even lend personal touches by learning more about you than simply where you want to go.

We hold certifications, watch webinars, and continually educate themselves to remain up to date on all the latest trends and hotspots. They leverage connections, share invaluable insights, and secure the best possible pricing for clients. Most importantly, they understand travelers’ safety concerns and work to provide appropriate solutions, while remaining flexible.


Why Book With a Travel Agent?


They can get you extra perks!

Their industry relationships translate to discounted prices, VIP upgrades, or perks—at no extra cost. If you thought an upgrade was out of the question, think again. Then ask your agent. They can find packages and group rates. Travel agents will be able to save you even more money by bundling flights, hotels, and other aspects of your trip. Traveling with a large group? They’ll find savings while also ensuring you’re all on the same flights—and sitting together, too!

They’ll avoid common mistakes.

Since you likely don’t plan trips every day, it can be easy to make mistakes, and those can cost you money. What if you book the wrong group excursion, or accidentally reserve your hotel for the wrong dates? A travel agent won’t have this issue, and their knowledge will likely save you money.

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

If I am interested in a travel deal, do I need to pay for a quote?

No, book our free consultation and we will prepare the package for your airport. Travel deals takes the work out of researching a personalized package for your need. Feel free to add a day-to-day itinerary to make the most of your vacation!

Can I Change The Dates Or Departure City on travel deal?

Absolutely! Just let us know what you would like to adjust.

What Method Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover,  & American Express.

What Is Included With Your All-Inclusive Packages?

Great question! Our packages come with round-trip flights, an all-inclusive resort (lodging, food & drinks included), and transportation from airport & to the hotel.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Absolutely! We have flexible payment options. Do you need an installment plan that doesn’t need to be paid in full before your trip? We have you covered.

You can put down a small deposit, and you’re free to make your payments however you’d like until the final payment deadline.

What is Stay Only?

Desired Destinations Travel Agency will look up a place for you stay. Hotel, Luxury Villas, Resorts or Vacation homes. 

Most people choose this options if they already found flights.

Any Other Questions?

Contact us!


Phone: 484-297-9923

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