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Destination Wedding/ Vow Renewal Fee

Destination Wedding/ Vow Renewal Fee

Coordinating logistics of destination wedding + honeymoon travel research (valid for 6 months after wedding or vow renewal date)



-Property Research

-Review of Property Amenities and Concessions

-Price Comparison

-Personalized Stay Package Quote (all-inclusive vacations will include stay, flight and airport transportation for wedding couple)


-Personalized Stay Package Quote (all-inclusive vacations will include stay and airport transportation for wedding guest)

​-Itinerary Planning

​-Our Time In Planning, Researching, Negotiating, and Booking Travel Arrangements For You & Your Group

​-Constant Communication Regarding Trip Details and COVID Updates

​-Entry/Exit Requirements


-On-site wedding coordinator provided by the resort


-Destination Vow Renewal Dedicated Website for you & your group (once your travel plans are confirm)

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